"What we want are Western Science Coupled with Vedanta, Brahmacharya as the guiding motto, and also shraddha and faith in one's own self".
Swami Vivekananda

Scientific Sections / Chapters  

  1. Physical Sciences including Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Nano Science, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Energy Science etc. 
  2. Chemical Sciences including Chemistry, Bio Chemistry etc.
  3. Biological Sciences including Physiology, Zoology, Genetics, Bio-informatics, Bio-technology, Oceanography, Marine Science etc.
  4. Medical Sciences including all aspects of Medical Science
  5. Forensic Science and Medicine
  6. Animal and Veterinary Sciences including Fisheries, Wild Life, Dairy Science, etc.
  7. Pharmaceutical Science
  8. Environmental Science
  9. Social Science  including Anthropology, Behavioral Science, Psychology, Archeology, History of Science, Theology, Educational Science, Library Science, Phonetics and Philology (Linguistic Science) etc.
  10. Management Science including Economics
  11. Earth Science including Geography, Geology etc.
  12. Agricultural Science including Forestry, Botany, Plant Science etc.
  13. Computer Science including Information & Communication Science etc.
  14. Engineering Science including Industrial Science, Technology Science, Military Science, Material Science, Space & Aeronautics
  15. Juridical Science
  16. Infotainment Science
  17. Food (Culinary) and Nutrition Science
  18. Biometrics
  19. Extra Mural Sciences

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